It is our mission to exercise our skill and expertise to provide high quality legal services to our clients at a fair and reasonable cost.


We have six core values that underpin our firm, which we call our DIRECT values.

1. Diligence

We value hard work and perseverance to get the job done.

2. Integrity 

We value honesty and fairness. We value reliability and ethical practice. 

3. Respect 

We value the dignity of our staff, clients, colleagues and all people we come into contact with. We value a friendly working environment. 

 4. Excellence 

We value the exercise of the highest skill and professionalism in all we do. 

 5. Communication 

We value communicating with clients on a regular basis - with clarity and expertise. We value our accessibility to our clients and strive to be available for our clients’ convenience. 

 6. Teamwork 

We value resource sharing and collaboration among staff.

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Riverwood NSW 2223

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Email: admin@annedayfamilylaw.com.au